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Personal Information:

The History of FookYo:

I run for chairman of election of student union two times when I was a form 4 and 5 student.My slogan was getting different welfare and preferential for different 

stakeholder.(In Chinese,welfare is called fú lǐ.Preferential is called yōuhuì.Fú =Fook

Yōu=Yo)Unfortunately,I cannot be chairman in my secondary school,the experience of those elections will be the foreshadowing of polictics.

Business Development:

When I was still a student,I worked in financial industry for a year.I changed my mind in a transaction. I realized if I keep on this job, it affected my ideal which was 

current Mr.legislative,agent,preacher,Hong Kong.In order to achieve self-fulfillment, I have launched 11 categories in entrepreneurship.

When I work in a financial company, I understand that different people have different needs.It is difficult to sell things which are without demand.In adddition, I am curious and hard-working, I know a wide variety of knowledge,skills and techniques. Therefore, I overturn my selling model.From products or services to demand change to demand to products or services. The advantages of this business model are saving time and happier.Eventually, eleven aspects of business are developed.

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